Igniting business through
digital value creation

Ayman van Bregt is a digital strategist, founder of Ignite.cx and co-founder of the Dutch Social Media Academy (NSMA). In his work Ayman shows organisations in a thought-provoking way how they can (re)connect with (potential) customers and create more value for customers in society that changes due to technological and consumer behavioral changes.

In Ayman’s vision the behavior of an organisation’s target group needs to be at the heart of digital strategy to create value and establish a human and meaningful connection in order to create a sustainable and high impact customer experience.

Ayman’s passion is to support organisations in creating more value for customers with (digital) marketing resources. Ayman is specialized in digital value creation, internet technology and innovation, marketing and strategy development.

In various marketing communication positions gained Ayman valuable knowledge and experience at several listed companies (IBM, Microsoft and Telia Sonera). Since then he has worked as a consultant, concept developer and marketing strategist.

A digital strategist who creates meaningful digital customer experiences, with a lots of love for pure things in life, people and travelling…


His knowledge is being applied in many ways including providing numerous consultancy and training courses. Ayman is a certified NIMA Lecturer and Senior Marketing Professional (SMP) and as a teacher and developer of programs linked to various educational institutions (including ICM Education and Training) and several business schools in Europe (TIAS, European Institute for Brand Management (EURIB), the Institute of Sales and Account Management (ISAM and Vlerick Business School)).

In recognition for his expertise in the field of digital value creation Ayman advises (international) startups on a regular basis (e.g. Creatubbles, Poken, Poolz and Sqillzer).

Ayman’s experience is also dispersed in various media publications. His first book sold over 10,000 copies and he is (co-)author of more than 10 books in the field of digital marketing and communications. He is also known for interviews in various radio and TV programs over the years.

Igniting digital value for 100+ premium companies

Ayman has worked for over 20% of largest 500 companies in the Netherlands. Clients in his portfolio are for example Adformatie Group, CIZ, Erasmus University, FonQ, Hay Group and Keesing Media Group (part of TMG), Kluwer, KRO, ONVZ, Rabobank, Shell, Wehkamp and numerous other small and large organizations.

Ayman is member of the following professional associations:
Logeion (Dutch Guild for Communication Professionals)
NIMA (Dutch Marketing Confederation)
PSA (Professional Speakers Association)